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    Practicing Primarily In:

  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Workman's Comp Cases
  • Business Law - Contracts
  • Father's Rights


    YOUR BUSINESS LAW PARTNER When you have issues with commercial law, and if you're in business it's a matter of WHEN not IF, we can help you through every step in the business law process.
    Corporate contracts are a specialty, and we can also help you with legal questions regarding the manufacture and sale of goods or issues regarding hiring practices for your business. We can help counsel your small business start-up and help you with business entity selections, corporate filings, busines transfers and sales, mediation in intra-company disputes or business and commercial litigation. When you are in business, one of your most important partners is a competent business lawyer. We would be pleased to fill that role for your company whether large or small.
    Commerce is controlled by various regulatory controls. Hempen Law Offices can assist you with questions and issues regarding safety laws, OSHA, food and drug laws, privacy laws and more.