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    YOUR PERSONAL INJURY PARTNER You've been the victim of an accident or experienced an injury on the job. Now you need to know your rights. If you don't, the insurance companies and other parties involved may convince you to settle for less than you are entitled. Let us help you avoid this mistake.
    Personal Injury defense is not just about getting the most money you possibly can as quickly as you can. It is important to ensure that you get the monetary settlement that you deserve, but there are other legal issues to settle as well. You also need help as soon as possible after the injury or accident occured. We can negotiate your settlement and also make sure that you get the medical care you require both now and in the future. Don't sign away your rights for a quick and easy answer. Hempen Family Practice can make sure you get EVERYTHING that is due to you. Call us for immediate consultation.
    If you are sick or injured at work, the last thing you need is an adversarial relationship with your employer. Sadly, this is often the case in a Workman's Compensation case. You need a lawyer who is experienced with these claims and you need advise to be certain that your employer is not givig you mis-information. We can help you through the many questions involving benefits, return to duty, medical care, and retaliation for claims, We can give you advise on questions regarding coverage for independent contractors, how to start the process, what jobs may not be covered by workman's comp, who makes the decisions on claim approval and more. We can also assist you if you are the employer and need counseling regarding Workman's Compensation issues with your employees.

    We can also assist you if you are the employer and need counseling regarding Workman's Compensation issues with your employees. Whether you have an pending claim now or just need advise to protect your company when the time comes, we have the knowledge and experience that can help you and your company.

    If you are the defendant in a personal injury case, you need as much legal advise as the individuals who have been injured, if not more. They will have hired an attorney to manage their case, you need an experienced lawyer on your side today. Protect yourself from excessive claims and frivolous lawsuits. Don't wait, give us a call now.